Verifi S6000 Smart Safe Review – Best Biometric Safe 2020?

Verifi S6000 Smart Safe Review
Verifi S6000 Smart Safe Review

The Verifi S6000 Smart Safe is a safe we just had to review. This safe is considered one of the best – if not the best – biometric safe on the market in 2017. It boasts some of the most innovative and advanced features you will see in a safe.

Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer!

Verifi S6000 Smart Safe

Material: Solid Steel
Weight: 31 lbs
Dimensions: 17.4″ x 16.1″ x 7.9″
Lock: Biometric
Rating: icon-staricon-staricon-staricon-staricon-star-half-empty
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The Verifi S6000 Smart Safe is a real powerhouse when it comes to technology. But having only an awesome set of technology won’t cut it. Most important is security. How can you otherwise trust that your content stay safe?

So, what does the Verifi S6000 have to offer when it comes security?

First of all, it has a 14 gauge (4mm) steel body with powder coating for extended durability. Addtionally, it has a 8 gauge (2mm) pry-resistant steel door with x2 20mm steel locking bolts.

The strength of the exterior holds up extremely well if you compare it with its competitors. Normally, the door will face the most damage if a burglar attempt to break in. With the 2mm steel door you will have adequate protection against the most common burglar.

F.B.I. Approved Biometric Lock

The F.B.I. approved fingerprint scanner alone is a huge reason why many people pay interest into safe. It’s understandble. That’s a huge feature that put the Verifi S6000 up there as one of the best biometric safes on the market.

The high-end biometric scanner enables secure, fast, and reliable access to your content. It’s an extremely convenient one finger operation and you don’t have to remember a code! So how does it work?

It uses a 3D sensor that will scan your fingerprint and generate a detailed image of it. This allows for a secure and accurate authentication of your fingerprint. You can register up to 10 fingerprints per users and up 40 fingerprints altogether.

Besides F.B.I. approving this scanner, there are also government departements such as DoD and DHS that are using it. That’s some serious social proof right there. If it’s good enough for them, it must be more than good for you!

Feature Rich

The Verifi S6000 Smart Safe has good security and awesome biometric technology. Add to that all of the awesome features that comes with it that will enhance the experience even further.

Easy-to-use User Interface

The user interface allows you to control and monitor everything that happens to the safe. You can add and delete users as well as edit a user’s privileges. You can also access the event log which store all the recorded entries and all attempts to enter the safe.

You will, with other words, have total control over your safe. If an unauthorized user has tried to gain access you will find out, as well as when it took place. Extremely powerful stuff. You will also be able to change all settings from this easy-to-use interface.


The sophisticated SelfCheck feature will run its own self-diagnostic check after each use. Even when the safe is inactive it will run these test to make sure the system is working flawlessly.

The results of each checks will be displayed on the LCD screen next time you interact with the safe.


With the Verifi S6000 Smart Safe you will never have to worry about leaving your safe unlocked again. The Auto-lock feature will automatically lock the safe for you when you shut the door.


When you open the safe the NiteLite feature will activate to illuminate the interior. This feature is extremely helpful if you have to access your content in a low-light situation.

You can change the duration of the light from the user interface and also disable it if you wish to do so.

Dual Access

The only thing you need to access your content is your registered fingerprint. It’s highly convenient, secure, quick, and smart. But, if you for some reason can’t gain access with your finger there are two backup keys provided.

3 Reasons why you should buy the Verifi S6000 Smart Safe

There are plenty of good reasons why you should get the Verifi S6000 Smart Safe over any other safe. If you are still unsure we have provided you with our top 3 reasons to get this awesome biometric safe.

#1 The Perfect Storage Solution

The Verifi S6000 Smart Safe is versatile in the sense that you can use it to store anything. It’s perfect as a biometric gun safe if you want to prevent your children from getting their hands on your guns.

It’s also the perfect storage solution for jewelry, cash, passports or other household treasures. With the Verifi S6000 Smart Safe, it simply doesn’t matter what you intend to store.

#2 It’s Fast, Secure & Relaible

In this day and age we want to be able to access our safe quickly in case we find ourselves in an emergency situation. In such situation we want to trust that our safe will open, and ONLY open when we feed it the right code or fingerprint.

Luckily, the Verifi S6000 Smart Safe is quick, reliable, and secure. Much thanks to the F.B.I. approved 3D fingerprint sensor!

#3 No Combination to Remember!

This is a huge plus for a lot of people out there. Think about it, who really want to remember a combination if they don’t have to? You not only have to remember a combination, you also have to enter it to access the safe. This is a fairly time consuming task.

Instead, you can with a simple touch with your finger gain access in a second or two. Without any hassle what-so-ever! And remember that someone could find out your code or figure it out if they wanted to. With a biometric lock, however, they need a registed fingerprint which is a lot harder to come by.

…and don’t forget all of the awesome features!


Reliability is a known issue when it comes to biometric safes. The reason is always lack of maintenance or more commonly a cheap and poor fingerprint scanner.

Often do we read about customers struggling with their biometric safes. They gain access one day, only to be denied the next. It has also happened that unauthorized users have gain access due to a poor fingerprint scanner.

We are happy to say that the Verifi S6000 Smart Safe has knocked this problem out of the park. With the F.B.I. approved fingerprint scanner – reliability is a problem of the past.

So, if you truly want a biometric safe and don’t want to compromise on quality you must settle for the best. With that said, you can’t go wrong with the Verifi S6000 Smart Safe!

Do you like the Verifi S6000 Smart Safe but think it’s too pricey? Check out the smaller Verifi S5000 Smart Safe!

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