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Best Safe for Christmas 2020 — The Ultimate Xmas Safe Buying Guide

best safe for christmas 2017
Find the best safe for christmas 2017!

Are you thinking about buying a safe for Christmas this year? If we are reading your mind correctly — congratulations, you have found the perfect guide!

Whether you want to spoil yourself, your partner, family member, or friend — we will match you with the best safe for Christmas!

Since buying a safe is one of the most practical and thoughtful gifts (right?), we really want to help you out. We have done so by compiling a buying guide with the best safes at four different price points!

Merry Christmas, and enjoy!

Gift Budget: $1,000

If you are lucky enough to have a Christmas gift budget of $1,000 — here are the monster safes you can get:

Mesa Safe MBF5922E

Mesa Safe MBF5922C

Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun

If you are looking for an extremely sturdy safe that can hold up to 14 long guns, this is an excellent gift! The electronic lock offers easy and quick access and will give your valuables 1-hour fire protection at 1750F.The Mesa MBF5922C is identical to the MBF5922E, besides it has a combination lock instead of an electronic lock. This is a great choice if you prefer reliable access rather than easy and quick access.If you have more than 14 long guns, you may want to consider this Steelwater gun safe. Besides offering plenty of space, it also offers easy and quick access with the EMP-proof electronic lock and 45-minutes fire protection at 1550F.
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Gift Budget: $500

With a gift budget of about $500, you can get a really good safe. At this price point, your Christmas present has potential to vary in size, quite dramatically. In the end, it will all depend on what you or your gift recipient need to secure.

Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22

Stack-On FS-14-MG-C 14

Mesa Safe Company Model MBF1512E

This gun safe is for those that have up to 22 long guns and want fast and easy access to their guns. Bear in mind that this gun safe does not offer fire protection, but you can always get a fire resistant bag if you really want fire protection for some of the valuables.This next Stack-on safe is for those that have up to 14 long guns and want slower but more reliable access. This safe also offers 30-minutes ETL approved fire protection.If you only want to store common household items and handguns, then this extremely sturdy and burglar-proof Mesa safe is perfect for you.
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Gift Budget: $100

The lower we go down the gift budget hierarchy, the smaller the Christmas present will be. However, you are still capable of getting a really good and secure safe with a budget of about $100.

Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe 0.08 Cubic Feet

SereneLife Safe Box

Bulldog Vaults Magnum Top Load

If you want quick access to your handgun — the Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe is your best bet at this price point. It utilizes a compression strut that will open the lid for you, instantly, after you enter the right combination. The overall steel construction is more robust than its competitors.If you like the idea of a biometric/keypad dual lock, and more space — go with this SereneLife Safe!The Bulldog Vaults Magnum Top safe is not as sturdy as it’s competitors, but when it comes to reliable access it’s on the top. Get this safe if you want the option to enter your safe via the keypad, key lock, or with an RFID access card!
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Gift Budget: $50

Most people would argue that you only get garbage if you are looking to buy a safe with a budget of about $50. But don’t be discouraged, we have some gems that are still worth considering for Christmas!

AmazonBasics Security Safe – 0.5-Cubic Feet

Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock

GunVault NV200 NanoVault 200 with Key Lock (Black)

The Amazon Basic Safe is perfect if you want to store important documents, medication, jewelry, cash, photos, etc.If you plan to keep the safe in a drawer, the top-opening lid of this safe is favorable.If you want a small and light safe where you can secure your phone, cash, and identifications on-the-go — the TSA approved Gunvault NV200 is the best safe for Christmas.
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Gift Tips: Complete Your Safe with an Accessory

If you already have a safe or if you want to get an accessory for your new safe — check out these safe accessories!

HSS XL Fireproof Money Bag (15″x11″x2″)

Pro Breeze PB-02-US Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 1100 Cubic Feet

GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier

This fire resistant bag is perfect if you are looking for a small gift and want to improve the overall fire protection of a safe. Anything sealed inside of this envelope is guaranteed fire protection at temperatures up to 1100F!If you have a safe with a tight seal it’s very likely that moisture will build up inside of your safe. Over time this will cause mold and mildew to form which may damage your stored valuables. To prevent this from happening, you can purchase a dehumidifier. The Pro Breeze PB-02-Us, in particular, is a very popular one and the first choice of Amazon.Another way to combat humidity inside of a safe, in a less bulky way, is to purchase the GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier.
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Do your partner, family member, or friend, have valuables that they are not protecting? Treat them with the best safe for Christmas and their precious valuables will remain safe!

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