Best Fire Resistant Bag, Envelope, and Pouch for Your Safe 2017

best fire resistant bag, envelope, and pouch review 2017
Find the best fire resistant bag, envelope, and pouch for 2017

This guide is aimed towards people that seek to protect valuables from fire or those that want to store and charge batteries safely.

As you probably know, a fireproof safe is more expensive than an ordinary safe due to the extra protection it offers. Far from everyone can afford such safe to fireproof their most precious valuables.

Luckily, there is an affordable yet genius solution to this problem. In this guide, we have picked the best fire resistant bag, envelope and pouch. These products will add fire protection to your safe to help keep your valuables safe.

To help you find the best one for your needs, we have compiled this guide with reviews. Let’s get started!

Best Fire Resistant Bag, Envelope, and Pouch 2017

HSS XL Fireproof Money Bag FireShield Fireproof Bag HOBBYTIGER Fire Resistant Bag Atlanta Xcelence Fire and Water Resistant Document bag DRAKS Premium Fire Resistant Document Bag- Water Resistant
1st Pick #2 #3 #4 #5
15″ x 11″ x 5″ 11″ x 7″ 8.5″ x 6.1″ x 4.5″ 17″ x 12″ x 2″ 15″ x 11″
10.2 oz 4.8 oz 4.76 oz 13.6 oz 7.2 oz
Fire & Waterproof Fireproof Fire & Waterproof Fire & Waterproof Fire & Waterproof
1100F 1000F 1000F 700F 1100F
Velcro & Zipper Velcro Zipper Velcro & Zipper Velcro
$29.97 on Amazon - on Amazon - on Amazon - on Amazon - on Amazon

#1 HSS XL Fireproof Money Bag (15″x11″x2″). NON-ITCHY, Zipper Closure, Silicone Coated Fire Resistant Envelope Pouch

The best fire resistant bag is, without doubt, the HSS XL Fireproof Money Bag by Home Safe Security. What’s interesting about this bag is that Home Safe Security created it with the help of their customers. Even though their [first fireproof envelope] was a success, they knew they could do better.

They started collecting customer feedback and started to work on a new version. The result? The biggest fire resistant bag on the market (when fully expanded) with new useful features.

For a starter, it’s made of silicone coated, splinter-free fiberglass, and the inside has a soft polyester material. Remarkably, it has the capacity to withstand fire at 1100F, as well as, being water resistant!

To improve further on the fire and water protection, it has double enclosure — in the form of velcro and a zipper. There is simply no way that a fire or water would sneak into ruin your valuables.

We strongly recommend this fireproof bag if you want great fire protection for your valuables. As mentioned before, the large size is also beneficial. You can fit large documents, cash, guns, jewelry, tablets, and even a laptop in it!

Also, if you plan to keep it in a smaller safe you will appreciate the foldable design.

#2 11”x7” Fireproof Bag – No Itchy Fiberglass – Black Fire Resistant Interior Material – Safe Storage For Cash, Passports, Photos, Jewelry, Valuables and LiPo Batteries

Next up, we have a fireproof envelope by FireShield. This envelope is perfect if you seek fire and water protection for small and flat objects. Passports, cash, documents, photos, etc, will fit without a problem.

What’s great about this envelope is that it offers double-sided protection. The outside has a heat-reflecting aluminum foil and a hidden, splinter-free fiberglass fabric. The inside, on the other hand, consist of a fire-resistant flannel material.

Another neat detail FireShield added is the velcro enclosure that works as a fire damper. All this protection will ensure that your content stays safe at temperatures up to 1000F.

This rather small fireproof envelope is a great option if you have limited space.

#3 HOBBYTIGER Fire Resistant Bag LiPo Battery Safe Charging Storage Sack Fireproof Explosionproof Guard (Double side-Proof)

The HOBBYTIGER Fire Resistant Bag is another high-quality fireproof bag. It’s fire and explosion-proof due to the double-sided fire retardant fiberglass nylon.

In a time where even smartphone batteries explode and start fires — a bag like this is priceless. If you want to store lipo batteries or charge batteries in a safe way — this is your ideal storage bag.

The convenient carrying handle and its size also make it perfect for transporting.

#4 Fire and Water Resistant Document bag measuring 17”x12”x2” made with NON-ITCHY materials, includes ZIPPER and Velcro closure perfect for keeping money, documents, and your important items protected

If you are looking for a fire and water-resistant bag, consider this document bag by Atlanta Xcelence. It offers two layers of protection against fire, smoke, and water.

The exterior is made of silicone and fiberglass while the interior has an aluminum fiberglass fabric. All material is splinter-free and provides fire protection at temperatures up to 700F.

It’s a fairly large document bag that allows you to store items without the need fold them. And just like the HSS XL Fireproof Money Bag, it also features double enclosure protection. The zipper and the velcro will make it less likely for flames and water to find its way into damage your valuables.

Further, it’s equipped with a carrying handle that allows for easy transportation.

#5 DRAKS 15″x11″ Premium Fire Resistant Document Bag- Water Resistant Heavy Duty Fiberglass Fireproof Envelope- Money Pouch- Save Documents, Passport, Valuables From Fire- Home Office Safety Equipment

Draks calls their pouch the best upgraded fireproof pouch on the market. They also call it the Ultimate Fire Protection Storage. How justified are these big words? Let’s find out.

Well, first of all, it’s equipped with fire retardant material both inside and outside. The outside layer is also water resistant and the inside layer consist of splinter-free, woven fiberglass. You can expect great fire protection for your valuables at temperatures up to 1100F.

Its size allows you to store important legal documents without having to fold them. This pouch is also great for storing passports, cash, jewelry, tablets, as well as laptops.

For your convenience, it’s also foldable which can come handy if you have limited space. Last but not least, this fireproof pouch is tightly sealed with velcro.

So, what do you think? Is it the best fireproof pouch on the market?
We believe it’s one of the best, hence it deserves a spot on this list.

#6 Fire Resistant Document Bag 15” x 11” Heavy Duty Fire Resistant Thread – Fireproof Secure Storage For Money / Passports / Legal Documents – Fire Retardant Envelope Heat Protection

TradeCore’s Fire Resistant Document Bag is another popular bag with great reviews. Like Home Safe Security, TradeCore took a market research approach before creating their bag. They looked at other fire resistant bags on the market and how they could improve on them.

The result was a light weight, fire, smoke, and water-resistant document bag with extra-wide velcro. Material wise, it features a water resistant exterior and a tightly woven fiberglass interior. This durable document bag can withstand temperatures up to 1000F.

Besides the light and durable design, it’s also foldable which allows for easy storage and transportation. This fire resistant document bag is ideal if you seek to protect legal documents and money. It also works perfectly for charging your smartphone or storing a lipo battery.

Why Should You Buy a Fire Resistant Bag, Envelope or Pouch?

Are you still unsure whether you need that extra fire protection? If that’s the case you may come to appreciate this section.

Alright, let’s keep it simple and let me ask you this:

Do you own a fireproof safe?

If your answer is no, then let me ask you this:

Do you own something that is irreplaceable to you or that would be a huge pain to replace?

You may see where I’m going with this. If you have irreplaceable valuables and no fire protection — it’s self-explanatory. Do you want to gamble with your heirlooms, legal documents, jewelry, cash, etc?

It doesn’t have to do with storing something irreplaceable. For example, do you own a smartphone? Then you may be aware from reading news that a battery can sometimes explode or cause a fire while charging.

If you have a fireproof container you can store lipo batteries and charge your smartphone safely.

The beauty is that you don’t have to invest into a fireproof safe which can be expensive to a lot of people. If you own a simple home safe, a fire resistant bag is a perfect compliment for your most valuable items.

But be aware, there is a lot of crap out on the market that may promise too much. The reason why we created this guide was to help people filter out the garbage.

And if you own a fireproof safe — why not double up on the fire protection? The more protection you give your items — the more reassured will you be of their safety. Who doesn’t want a good night sleep?

Tips Before Buying a Fire Resistant Bag, Envelope or Pouch

Like with most purchases, buying a fire resistant bag, envelope or pouch call for some planning.

The most obvious and important factor to consider is the size. Think about what you intend to store inside of it and how much space that would take up. Use the available dimensions to get an idea of how much space you can play around with.

Worst case scenario is that you would have to buy two. Go for a large fire resistant bag if you plan to store large objects such as a laptop. Also, think about where you want to store the bag, pouch or envelope. For example, if you plan to keep it inside a smaller safe, perhaps you would prefer a foldable design?

Another thing to keep in mind is what type of material the surface is made of. A lot of people are concerned about cuts when dealing with a fiberglass surface. Each product review in this guide will tell you if it’s splinter-free or not.

If you, however, want to look for yourself — read the description and comments to learn about the surface.


To wrap this up, I would like to leave you with one question and I want you to think about it carefully.

Do you want to gamble with your valuables?

Whether you have legal documents, money, heirlooms, passports, etc, think about it. Is it worth exposing your valuables to the threat of being completely damaged by a fire?

In this guide, we have presented you with the best fire resistant containers on the market. They come in different sizes, some are fire resistant, some are both fire and water resistant.

One thing is certain; if you want the best fire resistant bag, envelope or pouch — take advantage of this guide.

Good luck!

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